From Seattle Weekly: Ivan & Alyosha's New Single is Charming and Folky + Shows Band's Growth on New EP

Song: "Glorify"
Artist: Ivan & Alyosha
Album: Fathers Be Kind
Label: Missing Piece Records
Release Date: Feb. 1, 2011
Rating (Skip, Stream, or Buy): Buy, but you can stream it first right here.

Like all Ivan & Alyosha songs, “Glorify”–the first song released from the band’s upcoming Fathers Be Kind EP–is sweet and charming. It’s got a gently strummed but steady guitar and Tim Wilson’s clear, uncomplicated vocals. These same qualities were what made 2009's The Verse the Chorus so consistently good and the single “Easy to Love” so lovely. But that consistency also meant that Ivan & Alyosha’s debut wasn’t very diverse in its songwriting: all the tracks had tinges of 1960s-style pop with steady, guitar-led rhythms.

Listening to “Glorify,” though, it’s clear how much Wilson’s songwriting has grown and matured in the last two years. The song owes to more 60s folk than pop: the opening harmonica and the story-telling nature of the lyrics feels like something out of a Bob Dylan song. The harmonies sound nearly choral, the perfect compliment to the song’s themes. “Glorify” is tongue-in-cheek look at religious belief, exploring skepticism and hypocrisy with the chorus: “Glorify the Lord, my son/ with your whiskey and your gun.” It manages to balance charm with a bold message while maintaining a hummable tune, showing that–even with a harmonica and folky style–Ivan & Alyosha still know the makings of a hit.