Mid Tour Update!

Well it’s about time we put up an update.  Please forgive us for not keeping you in the loop.  We’ve been pretty busy as of late. So, enough with the formalities, let’s get to it…

Our last adventure ended with the beginning of a new adventure on the road with Brandi Carlile and crew.  I wish I could disclose every detail of the tour as it was an amazing ride for us to be on.  We toured many historic theaters in more cities we’ve never been to and had a blast hanging with Brandi, her band and crew.  For the sake of my own attention span, I’ll talk about one of our more memorable experiences.  Our last show together was in Virginia at the renowned venue called The National.  It just so happened that, Priscilla, our RV, broke down about 2 hours outside of the venue.  This put all of us on edge as we did not want to miss this last opportunity to see Brandi and to play a great show.  Fortunately, we found a truck repair shop that we were able to get Priscilla to.  Unfortunately they were without their mechanic.  It just so happened to be a Sunday evening, just like the last time Priscilla broke down.  After what seemed like an eternity, it was determined that the problem was unidentifiable without a full diagnostic.  We didn’t have time for this.  We left and beat the tar out of Priscilla. I won’t disclose what speeds we reached trying to get to the venue but let’s just suffice it to say that we got there 10 minutes before we hit the stage.  Brandi’s tour manager and The National’s crew were ready as we screeched in across the street from the load in to the stage.  They helped us speedily get our gear on stage, mic’d and ready to go.  According to our friends at the show who witnessed us careening in, we played our first chord within 10 minutes of arriving.  After the show, we relaxed in the venue’s hot tub and sauna with Brandi and band.  Apparently, Snoop Dogg had been there the night before.  I don’t know if it’s coincidence, but, the hot tub water seemed to have a hazy green tint.  Thus concludes our tour with Brandi.

I’m pretty excited to share with you that what’s next on the agenda. Here’s what’s next for Ivan & Alyosha:

- Start work on the new full length (FYI, we’ve already started…we are seriously pretty excited about this!!)

- Finish up the rest of our tour of the mid-west/east coast!  (Playing dates with the beautiful Allie Moss (http://alliemoss.com/) PS. Her new album just came out, check it out! She’s great!!!!  We’ve even started singing on each other’s songs!)

Check out our tour page to find out if you’re in one of the city’s we’ll be playing at!!!!!

- Playing NXNE tonight! (Canada’s equivalent to SXSW) Come out to Lee’s Palace tonight at 9PM if you’re here at the festival!

- Playing at New York’s River to River Festival !!! TWICE!!!

- Finish up writing songs for the new record in July!

- Set up a T-shirt Design Contest for our new shirts! (start getting creative!)

- Go on the road with Brandi Carlile again! (pretty stoked about this…)

And there you have it…

Can’t wait to see you at a show and play new songs for you.


Ivan & Alyosha.

And here are some vids for your viewing pleasure: