On our way home!

Greetings from I&A! We are currently on our way home after playing our last show in LA at the Central in Santa Monica (formerly known as 14 below). It was a great night for all, great music and company. We had the pleasure of sharing the stage with Holly Conlon and the band played like it was the last show of a year long tour. We topped it all off with a an amazing tour of Hans Zimmer’s studio thanks to a mutual friend of ours. We will truly miss you LA but it will be very nice to be back home with the family. We will be back very soon. Also, we are going to be very busy when we get back so be sure to keep up with us on YouTube, twitter, and our new Facebook band page. Thanks so much to everyone who’s helped us along this short tour and for those who came to watch, we are so grateful for your support and we are anticipating great things in the near future. I can start to see my breath in the air, Seattle here we come!