Brandi Carlile

Bumbershoot Watch: Ivan and Alyosha keep it in the family

Thanks to the folks over at KOMO for the nice write up! Tim talks Bumbershoot: Seattle’s Music & Arts Festival, being on the road with Family and I&A’s recent West Coast Tour w/ Brandi Carlile. Find the article HERE.

Thank You!!!

A little update… The fundraising effort is nearly over and our PledgeMusic campaign is done!! The response was overwhelming and so encouraging when our gear was stolen. Your kind words, gifts, donations, borrowed gear, a hot meal, a place to stay, it was all a blessing.

A big thanks to the following for their generosity; Rhapsody, Sally Fouts at, Missing Piece Group, Dualtone Music Group Pledge Music, Jeff Dana & Jenny Marsh at Gibson Seattle, Nash Pedals, NYC Gibson, Kevin Sur at Artist Home, Ryan Hodgson, Chris at Benson Amps, Tyler Amps, KIRO, KING 5, Michael Krumper & Heather Alevras Alderwood Community Church, Caleb & Will Chapman, Steven and Mary Beth Chapman, Brandi Carlile & Catherine Sheperd, Allie Moss, Bess Rogers, Mary Lambert, Pedaltrain, Scott Mills, Neulore, Guitar Center, Gail & Tony Tomei, The Seattle Music Community, every Artist, Fan, Company, Band, Friend and Family Member who helped spread the word, Pledged and sent words of encouragement to help us get back on our feet and making music again, thank you thank you thank you!!!!