Tour Entry #3

Good day from I&A!!!

We hope this finds you well!  We have just arrived in Charleston, WV and it’s a beautiful day! Yesterday, we were in Durham, NC playing at The Broad Street Cafe.  First of all, thanks to the people at the Broad Street Cafe who showed up to see us.  For the most part, all the cities we’ve been to have been places we’ve never been so it’s always great to meet people in other states that have been following our journey!

I think the last entry left off right before our show at The Longbranch Saloon in Knoxville, TN.  To be frank, walking into the venue was a little discouraging for us.  We’ve played dives before but we were a little taken aback by this place.  Upon viewing the stage and the opening band, we thought it was one of those unfortunate mishaps where bands of completely different genres are booked together.  We decided the best course of action was to play straight through the set and to get out while we were still alive and intact.  "I Was Born" was our first song.  After the last chord rang out we were astonished by the response. It turned out to be a great night and Knoxville ended up leaving us with a great impression.  Thanks Longbranch!

The next day, we ventured to North Carolina for a couple of public radio interviews.  The first show was a little rough.  Our morning routine typically consists of each of us waking up one by one in this order: Henry, Lindze, Tim W, Tim K, Ryan, Jesse and then Pete.  That morning was an abrupt change in our normal routine. We were all up before Henry was able to have a good cry.  We powered through the interview and headed to another one a couple hours away. When we arrived, we had a couple hours before start time.  Walmart is a great place to kill two hours.  Especially when you have an RV to stock up.  Thanks Walmart for being so cheap and so entertaining!  The radio show was equally entertaining.  The set up was for a full-band performance (usually our radio interviews consist of a couple songs on the acoustic followed by some Q&A) and our sound engineer turned out to be a monk! He was a great engineer and his years in the industry equipped him well for our set! Thanks so much WNCW for a great time!

Next, Asheville, NC!

Asheville is like Seattle and Portland but on the East Coast.  Naturally, we felt at home.  First off, everyone we had spoken to about this city had told us that the food here was incredible.  It certainly was! If you ever have the chance to get to Asheville, make sure you budget a chunk for pigging out.  We arrived there in the evening and Jesse had a friend who is an Asheville native.  He was gracious enough to let us park our RV in his driveway and was a wonderful host. Thank you Taylor! The next morning was filled with radio interviews and an amazing recording experience at Echo Mountain studios.  I’ll post some video from that day.  It was truly one of the most amazing studios we’ve ever been to. (Second to Hans Zimmers :P ) The Lexington Avenue Brewery (LAB) was a blast.  The sound man there, Rob, is probably the friendliest and accommodating sound guy we’ve had on the trip.  Thanks Rob for making the set up experience enjoyable and reassuring.  We had the pleasure of playing with a local band called, The Enemy Lovers.  Great band and great people.  Thanks so much for being so welcoming and supportive of our music! They have great things in store for them as well.

And so we are now hopefully up to date!  We are so excited to perform on Mountain Stage with Lucinda Williams and many other amazing artists!  More updates on the way!!!