Tour Entry #4

Hello Everyone!!!!

We are currently on our way to Dallas, TX!  

After a short second stop in Nashville and a much needed shower thanks to our gracious host John Hans to whom we are indebted, we continue on this tour, clean and rejuvenated.

When I last made an entry, I believe we were about to hit Mountain Stage.  Mountain Stage was really exciting for us all as we were sharing the stage with Lucinda Williams, The Low Anthem, Red Horse, Sarah Lee Guthree and Johnny Irion.  They are all great musicians/songwriters and truly inspiring to us.  Thanks for the great experience and thanks to Larry Groce for having us!  Once again, we love NPR!!!

First off, before we arrived in West Virginia, we managed to get stuck in standing traffic on the freeway.  It was quite surreal.  I’ll try to upload a video.  After WV, we were in Richmond. We met up with an amazing couple that cooked up a delicious mexican dinner for us and hosted us in their beautiful home.  Thanks again to Sean and Melissa Sherrod for their hospitality!!! 

After playing in Richmond, we made our way to Philadelphia, PA.  There, we played at a venue called, The Fire.  It was really nice for us to have arrived a bit early for load in because we had a little time to explore the city.  Philly is awesome.  There is so much history in that state and it shows in the architecture of their beautifully crafted buildings.  It is an impressive city.  We walked down South Street and were amused with it’s culture and people.

After Philly, we hit Delaware.  Most of us had no idea that it was the first state to be a state!  The owner of the venue actually owns two venues with very similar names.  We arrived at the wrong one.  Fortunately, we had ample time to get to the right venue.  We played well that night and were surprised once again by people that were there to see us.  Time and again, it’s been so encouraging to us to have this happen.  Thanks again for coming out to see us!!!

The next morning, Tim Wilson had an interview with Guy Raz for NPR’s All Things Considered, that aired last Sunday.  If you missed it, it will be airing again, but, you can also stream it online here  

Because of the interview, we had to be in DC in the morning so we got there and spent the night in the RV in the city.  I woke up at 6AM to feed the meter and went back to sleep.  Around 7, the RV was shaking and rattling because of all the big trucks passing by.  I think we were so tired that we all tried to ignore the noise but, eventually we awoke.  Tim, Lindze and Henry arrived shortly after with some amazing cafe food from NPR.  I think we’re starting to feel adopted by those folks.

Now we had to jet to NYC to play a show that night at the Bowery Ballroom with Bobby Long.  A word of advice…if you’re ever planning on going to NYC with a trailer or if you have propane in your vehicle, be prepared to spend about 75 bucks in toll fees.  Actually, it could have ended up costing more that night to get into Manhattan if the police officer wasn’t as nice as he was and directed us away from the tunnel, no ticket.  Still, we love the Big Apple and it was great to be there once again.  The show was great despite our hectic entrance and frantic sound check.  The Bowery Ballroom sound team is very knowledgable and great to work with.  The next day was filled with acoustic performances throughout the day, including a video project by some great Brooklyn residents that have a blog called The Wild Honey Pie.  You can check it out here:  Thanks again Eric and Ian!!  That night, we played to a packed room at The Living Room, another venue you should check out when you’re in NYC.  Thanks to the folks at The Orchard for coming out!

We stayed in Montclair with our manager, Michael Krumper.  We would like to say a special thank you to Mike, Heather and Lydia for being such great hosts to us and our big RV.  Also, we’d like to show appreciation for Patrick Tilley and the rest of the folks at Missing Piece.  Without your hard work and dedication, I&A would not be where we are.  Thank you! 

Montclair has some of the most beautiful houses I’ve ever seen.  Visit if you have a chance.  Great for dusting off that bicycle of yours and heading into their quaint downtown area.

Newport, Kentucky was our next destination and from there, it was Nashville, and from Nashville, it is the Interstate 40.  I think we’ll be on I-40 for a while.  Things are getting exciting for us.  We have much to look forward to!  35 Conferette and SXSW 2011! See you there!!!

- Ivan & Alyosha